Oneway East

Saturday, August 25, 2007


Mobile, briefly. In perhaps the new way. With a defined beginning and end. Anyway, I'm in California. At Alex's parents house, without her right now, Perhaps an opportunity to get to know her family.For them: New but serious boyfriend. Who is he?

Working obsessively on the Burning Man prep. The dome is built and furnished, supplies are gotten, meals have been cooked, bikes have been fixed, tasks have been completed. I'm outside of my normal parameters reducing my shirk-opportunity resulting in tremendous productiveness. It's cool, but it's a tiny bit of a pain in my ass. Want escapes. But it's satisfying working towards a goal like that. There is a deadline. I'm so like my parents, taking advantage of "vacation time" to work. They must think I'm a workaholic. Or there was the talk about me having been in a boys-with-ADHD study. Unknown whether I was the control or not, but I certainly seem it sometimes. The occasional hyperfocus- that's also ADHD. That's how I've been behaving, working constantly on the prep for Burning Man. Such an endeavor! But feeling like it'll be worth it. And the process itself is it's own reward.

California has always been this sometime promised land. The golden hills of california. two centuries of dreaming towards california. But it's nice here- it seems so civilized. Like the engineering of livability is most advanced here. Although expensive. But so's new york. maybe someday.

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