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Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Burn

It's time to put the Burn to bed. It has been a daily project in my life for much of this year. It's finally over. Decompressing. Planting my feet out here in the default world again. So what was it? Why so much?

Burning Man is a liberation festival. It's a fashion show, a different way of thinking, a debauch, a whirlwind, a production, a gathering, a celebration.

Big picture, it's different from other festivals because there's no commerce, no telecommunications, and relatively little litter.

Small picture, my camp was a intense gathering of some of my closest friends and family, in contact most of every day for a week.

Micro picture, the core values radical self-reliance and freedom of expression resonate powerfully with me.

back out to the big picture, it's just one week out of the year, yes, but I still reckon its worth putting the effort into it. I've been to a lot of kind of lame events in the city, and Burning Man does not fail you that way. You know its going promise what it delivers. A sure thing is worth something.

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